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If you want to be rich, you shouldn't do this 3 things with your savings.

As a human being, You enjoy the idea of saving your money to actualize your financial goals, but somehow you end up spending the money anyhow.

 You don't know how it happens, you just don't have savings at the end of time.
 Yes, you aren't the only one who has issues with his financial difficulty. Many people have had similar experience and they can relate to your plight.

 However, instead of sitting down there lamenting how your money disappears, you can actually take at look at what you do with your savings, and that is only if you indulge in savings.

 But if you still don't understand what you spend it on,then I 'll advise you to avoid doing the followings with your savings.
 1. Don't loan it out
Though it sounds weird but actually if you want to save money you have to Try these tricks.
Don't make financial choices you might regret There is a particular reason why that money you set aside for personal use is called savings. If you have denied yourse…